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Advertising on NutritionalTree is:

  • Fast – Set up an account and have ads running within minutes.
  • Inexpensive – No minimum commitment per month. Buy ads for as little as $1!
  • Targeted – You pick product pages you want to advertise on.
  • Self service – Get started without having to talk to any pushy sales people.
Special for May for new signups: Receive a $1 credit for every $1 you purchase in advertising (up to $50).

Available advertising opportunities:

Manufacturers and retailers can highly qualified traffic to their websites through many different options. The most popular and effective opportunity is the “Where to Buy” box that is found on each product page.

We sell text ads in this box either on a CPC (cost per click) basis or a flat rate per product per month.

You can set up ads in this box within minutes for the products you choose.

Click here for our self serve advertising tutorial.

We also offer other opportunities for advertisers including exclusive sponsorships and banner campaigns. These options are not yet available in our self serve system but if you contact us, we will work with you to develop a campaign that will work for your business.