Scents of Balance

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The Scents of Balance Product Line ...

We place a high degree of importance on purchasing top quality,
organic raw materials and essential oils for our products.

Our gardening practices reflect this same degree of integrity. Our
gardens and products are further enhanced with the energy of
"Universal Light" through the healing modality of Reiki.

Our therapeutic and face care lines are packaged in violet glass
whenever possible which further enhances their stability and healing

Kate Rossetto started her company ~
"Scents of Balance" ~ in 1988, while living
on Maui. This home based business
specializes in beauty care products made
without harsh chemicals or synthetics. Her
apothecary consists of fresh and dried
herbs and flowers, organic fruit and
vegetable oils, and the purest of essential
oils. All of her products and formulations
are hand made ... from the herbal infusions,
the emulsions for the lotions and creams,
the essential oil blending, to the bottling
and labeling.

Contact Information:
Phone: (406) 245-9182

Return For Any Reason: No
Return Time Frame: N/A
Restocking Fee: No

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