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Our Creative Director's Message
Soma Essentials personal care products have been a wonderful labour of love for me. I am delighted that my work is based on my passion. As a certified Aromatherapist and Esthetician, I enjoy creating personally blended oils and lotions for each of my clients, helping them nourish their skin and their well-being. When they asked me to produce a skin care line for them, I could not resist.

I have always found “pure joy” moments throughout my life, in natural scents and ingredients and have paired my passion for aromatherapy with the abundance of unique and exquisite ingredients provided by nature, to create the rich and healthful blends that are the trademark of our products.

When I stop and contemplate Soma Essentials' growing success, the reason is clear - it all stems from the wonderful group of people I work with and have contact with. They contribute in a multitude of ways, all of which encourage my dream to grow. Not to mention our high standard of customer care, we like to refer to our customers as our clients... they are everything to us and they keep me passionately creative.

~ Thank You All.

We invite you to experiment with our various & unique blends, to enhance your natural beauty & create the mood you intend. Shop with us for your lifestyle and enjoy our extraordinary pleasure-evoking products for your mind, body and home.

Beauty is all around us and within us. Discover Your Natural Beauty with Soma Essentials.

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Phone: (613) 384-4084

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