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I got more than I expected, I got less than I expected, why?

Many of our products are sold by weight, not by number, such as our bulk incense and Primal elements soaps. We provide numbers as an easy reference point, but there may be 37 cones or sticks in a pack of incense, or there may be 35... each individual cone or stick is made by hand, so some are thicker than others, and some are thinner, but you are getting the same amount of product. It's the same with any of our hand cut soaps such as Primal Elements; they are all cut by hand, so we offer the 1" size as a reference only for an approximation, not an absolute. We would have no time for anything else if we had to hand count every product, so weighing them is a much easier and faster means of getting an exact amount of product to you. It also gives us more time for customer satisfaction and service!

How come the product pictures are so small?

We make the main images small so the pages load fast. If you want a larger image, simply click the image and a larger one will appear, often with a much lengthier description of the product. You can also click the "View this product in more detail >>" link that appears with every product as well.

How come your prices are so low?

We are passionate about our fragrances and are more concerned with sharing them with as many kind people as possible than placing huge mark-ups on our products. We constantly search for unique and high quality fragrances, gift items, oils, and accessories that every other vender on the web doesn't carry as well, and import many of these products directly from India, Nepal, Tibet, often buying from cottage industry artisans, who take as much care in crafting their products as we are in providing you with them.

Do you share our information with anyone?

The security of any information you provide us with is very respected. Under NO circumstances will your personal information be rented out shared with anyone. We do not keep credit card information on file, but we retain your other information in our database so you can log in after you place your first order, saving you from having to enter your information each time you place an order with us.

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