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A message from the founder

LIDTKE was founded to provide rare and extremely high-quality nutrients to patients and physicians throughout the country. Today, we provide supplements and medical foods to patients and health care practitioners in the United States and in over thirty-five other countries. We take pride in our company and community, and we hope our customers share our belief in meticulous attention to detail and good service.

Because we are a manufacturer of finished products, not a distributor, we are able to answer your questions fully. It is our goal, in fact, to provide the most informed customer service in the industry.
Unique Product Formulation & Ingredients

LIDTKE performs its own research and development of new product formulations. As a further sign of our commitment to the health of our customers, LIDTKE chooses to work with the most respected manufacturers of fine ingredients and raw materials. For example, testing conducted at some of the most advanced independent laboratories, including laboratories at the United States Food and Drug Administration, consistently confirm that our raw materials are among the "purest in the world."

While some companies may “shop” for independent laboratories that “manipulate” the data to make a product look pure, we never trust the numbers. We dissect the data for flaws in analysis, and we work with scientists who know what they are doing and take pride in their work.

As an example of the care we take at LIDTKE, we are very concerned about contaminants – both inorganic and organic-chemical contaminants. OVI's (Organic Volatile Impurities), for example, are usually chemical solvents such as acetone, toluene, hexane, ether, or isopropyl alcohol that frequently are used in manufacturing processes. The average consumer, in fact, would be surprised how often such solvents are used in the manufacture of "natural" products.

Solvent residues such as these are an increasingly frequent contaminant of low cost nutrients, and, except in rare cases, no government agency tests nutritional supplements before they reach the public. In the natural-supplements industry, quality depends on the honor system, and manufacturers have long known they can dramatically reduce their expenses by eliminating the purification steps that would remove such residues. Sadly, such contaminants seldom can be detected by consumers.

Furthermore, OVI's rarely are listed on the Certificates of Analysis that accompany ingredients when they arrive at a bottling facility. Hence, a bottler may operate in good faith and never know of such chemical contaminants. This is another reason why, at LIDTKE, we choose to work with the most respected manufacturers and laboratories. Truly, our goal is to set the standard for quality.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to serve you better.

Yours truly,

Ronald G. Sturtz


LIDTKE Technologies

Contact Information:
Phone: (800) 404-8185
Fax: (480) 858-0547

3202 S. Fair Lane . Tempe , AZ 85282

Payment Types Available:
Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, Check, Money Order

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UPS, USPS, Overnight, 2 Day Air

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