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We benefit from a myriad of drugs and pharmaceuticals derived from tropical forest plants. The commercial value of these products worldwide can be reckoned at $25 billion each year! And yet it’s estimated that only 2 or 3 percent of this treasure trove has been discovered and made available to the public.

AMAZON DISCOVERY is dedicated to finding these miracle herbs, and then providing them in the most valuable Wholesale Bulk Herbs to help with the problems and diseases that beset our modern world. Our dedication towards the use of the world’s natural resources specifically in the Amazon Rainforest is by helping the local population to understand the value and cultivation of these bulk herbs. By partnership threw our supplier in Brazil we are able to provide quality and quantity natural diuretics shipped directly to consumers.

Save the Rainforests!
Our biomedical researchers have left their traditional labs for the laboratory of the Rainforests. Through interpreters they interview the indigenous people about what plants they use for medicinal purposes, and how they are prepared and taken by natives. It’s hard to argue with centuries of human trials! The discovery and formulation of these medical miracles has the potential to bless all mankind—through not only better health, but by decreasing the native people’s need to clear the land.

The Amazons Rainforest is more valuable alive than dead!
Amazon Discovery Manufacturing is bringing Rainforest herbs to the world with modern day technology. Our original antioxidant supplement formulas are concentrated extracts and standardize active ingredients as whole complexes, which can then be taken in controlled dosage. These enzymes and other phytonutrients are then carefully preserved by cold-processing techniques that ensure the effectiveness of these nutritional supplements. By combining these herb extracts along with the proper dosage of vitamins and or minerals Amazon Discovery believes to set a standard ingredient combination that is like no other. By taking pride in our FDA approved manufacturing facilities, our herbal supplements, herbal medicince and other herbal remedies quality standards are amongst the highest of today’s standards. Before production all the herb extracts must meet the quality standard before the actual manufacturing and labeling of the Amazon Discovery nutritional supplement product line. Then and only then will we package each individual product into its double sealed bottle for safety and shelf freshness.

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