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Evening on the Ganges
Near Rishikesh, IndiaSarada Ayurvedic Remedies came into existence through our intent and desire to bring traditional Ayurvedic formulas to North America. We are a Mother and Daughter partnership with the daughter leading the way with her knowledge and experience as an Ayurvedic Practitioner for the past 17 years, along with many years spent in India, studying with Ayurvedic doctors, working in clinics and seeing first hand the curative effects of Ayurveda. It was after one of her early journeys to India that we decided to actively seek Ayurvedic products to bring to the West. We were only interested in products that were traditionally prepared, 100% natural, and those that demonstrated the ability to heal through simple, daily use.

We reached out to India – the source of Ayurveda – and found exactly what we had envisioned. All of our products are formulated from ancient texts and contain only native medicinal plants, minerally-rich purified clays and naturally processed oils. Due to the strict adherence to Ayurvedic principles and methods for processing, we are able to offer products free of chemical, artificial or preservative additives with the assurance they will remain potent and long lasting.

This is quite the journey! And, we could not have done it at all without the support and appreciation from so many of our very valuable, loyal customers. Your comments, your positive experiences with our products and your constant encouragement are the reasons why we continue to exist. We offer our thanks to all of you and stand firm in our original intent and commitment to do our best to promote the gentle healing nature of Ayurveda.

We stand behind our products. It is our mission to hold true to the highest principles, to promote the healing essence of Ayurveda, and to offer relief by returning to proven ancient ways.

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