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The Healing Blanket - Treatment Multilayer Blanket (TMB)

Is a new non-invasive amazing efficient energy treatment is recommended by:

Russian Institute of neurology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences;
Russian Institute of clinical psychiatry of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences;
All-Russian Scientific Centre for rehabilitation and physiotherapy;
Russian Institute for general pathological physiology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences;
Russian federation Ministry of public health.
The Healing Blanket is a stand alone treatment, which is great for any chronic condition. It will over time gently restore energy balance and rejuvenate body. This is a pleasant home treatment that can be used every day. Used in combination with other therapies, especially Scenar therapy produces even greater effect.

Designed as a result of many years of research and development work in the field of bio-resonance therapy, the TMB is based on the principles of bioenergetics and knowledge of the body's internal mechanisms of self-regulation. The healing action of TMB is based on electrostatic film PET (healing compound TMB-01). The TMB Blanket is made of polyurethane interwoven with various metals to form a film. This screens the body from all external electromagnetic and electrostatic fields. It also reflects the body's own electromagnetic radiation in the infrared and extremely high frequency ranges. This effect helps the body to rebalance its own electrical charge and energy and thus heal itself. The Reflected infrared radiation gives a very relaxing and soothing warm feeling, which over time can re-energise the body and relieve pain
Name: Scenar

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