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Doctor Greens is passionately devoted to developing industry-leading Wholesome and Organic Supplements, Wholesome & Organic Vitamins & Natural Greens, using the latest advances in nutritional and scientific research to help support Energy, Health, Immune System & Longevity.

In today’s economy, compare Doctor Greens Superior Nutritional Value Per Serving to see and feel the Doctor Greens difference in effectiveness, quality and price.

Doctor Greens was founded by Hal Decker, who twenty years ago almost lost his son to cancer when his son was just one year old.

Thanks to a higher power and the help of great surgeons and a great hospital his son is alive and now healthy. However, after repeat surgeries this same medical system, although it valiantly tried, could not seem to KEEP his son healthy. This led to one round after another of antibiotics being prescribed to Hal's son to fight off constant infections. Desiring a more natural based and long term healthier outcome for his son, these events successfully stimulated and propelled Hal Decker’s relentless search to better understand and study the immune system. Hal is also devoted to learn the best of U.S., Asian and European medical and alternative practices, nutrition and longevity research. Hal ultimately founded Doctor Greens to bring the benefits of his research and of other acclaimed nutritional experts to YOU.

Over the years, Hal has worked with doctors, herbalists and researchers and has formulated and designed many comprehensive and advanced doctor recommended nutritional supplements. Hal is a featured nutritional lecturer speaking to thousands of people around the country on the benefits of diet and nutrition, living a healthy lifestyle and the proper use of nutritional supplements.

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371A Islington Street Portsmouth, NH 03801

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100% of customers would shop here again.

30 Customer Reviews

Jeff Peltin

I have been using Doctor Greens All in One Greens Multivitamin Powder for the past 4+ years. This is the one source that I get all my supplements from. I feel an overall wellness and energy that I have not felt on other products.

Amanda Costello, Cpht

I am very impressed with your products' ingredient lists. I am thrilled to see a company so dedicated to organic products and high quality ingredients such as wild caught fish and chelated minerals. I am also elated to see you use veggie caps and do not add unnecessary additives and preservatives.

I would definitely recommend your company to my clients!

The only that I do not see anything on your websit relating to GMP standards, 3rd party testing, etc. I have put in a request to hear from you regarding those issues, however, I wrote this review prematurely because I am pretty certain you will meet my expectations. If not, I'll let you know.

Teri Zanti

Dr. Ray referred me to your products.


repeat customer would strongly recommend


The more products I try, the more I like this company and their supplements. Great service, fast shipping and personal service, too--this is the kind of consistent and positive Internet transaction that makes shopping at home really FUN.

---- Updated Comments ----
Doctor Greens remains one of my favorite places to shop online. Because I love their service and their products, I've been trying additional supplements from their site and continue to be very pleased: their energy drinks are tasty and effective. Personal communication continues to be outstanding, too. I now officially rate myself as a devoted Doctor Greens customer!


Doctor Greens makes terrific products at a price that is commensurate with their quality. They also provide prompt shipping and quick personal service when required--and even when not! I've gotten free samples that I liked so well that I'm now ordering those products, too. All in all, the kind of online shopping experience that makes me want to go back again and again.

---- Updated Comments ----
Great products, fast shipping and generous goodies, plus the handwriting of a real human being on my invoice! I keep returning for more of the original "Cleansing Fiber Plus" and am trying other products, too. I'm a delighted and devoted customer now.

Wendy Whitney

I've found great health benefits already using your fish oil and Multi Green powder. Thought I'd try the joint and muscle formula for my husband, he is an offshore fisherman which is a very physical job.

---- Updated Comments ----
very very pleased, my order was delivered to my door the same day by one of the company people i know personally who lives in my neighborhood. Now that is service!

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