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The Due-range electric neuroadaptive stimulator (DENAS) was designed as a result of clinical trials and pilot tests in clinics of Moscow and Ekaterinburg. Modified specifications of the apparatus allow improvement of the efficiency of the result and elongation of the after-effect of treatment. The apparatus can be applied to both zones and points of acupressure with the help of a portable coaxial electrode which results in potentiation of self-regulating reactions of the human body.

The new technological development of the corporation differs advantageously from its prototype by not only the design and ergonomic properties but its main difference is in improved parameters of the electric signal which copies to the maximum the endogenous neuron-like pulse with domination of the informational component which allows an increase in the effect of anti-stress reactions of training and activation.

The apparatus principle of operations allows the diagnostics of the most efficient treatment zones, the apparatus is capable of helping each patient, at each disease, at each specific time interval (the duration of treatment is regulated as required by the human body). Due to the fact that each subsequent pulse provides a different effect as compared to the previous one, the non-dependence of the body on the operation of the apparatus is practically ensured.

The apparatus influences positively on all mechanisms of the pathogenesis of distresses, ensures positive results at treating numerous diseases and syndromes without using drugs or reducing their amount significantly. The direct affect of physical and mechanical factors which possess a large reserve of kinetic enetgy of the heat (burns), chemical (burns) and allergic nature damaging the skin is eliminated. The general sanogenetic response of the body in three inter-related and inter-dependent regulatory systems of the human body - nervous, endocrine and immune -responsible for homeostasis and adaptation is modulated
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