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Blue House Soaps is your source for all natural soap, shampoo bar, cloth diaper care, and a complete line of natural bath and body products.

Our soaps are handcrafted in the old fashioned cold process method and fabric wrapped, making them perfect for gift giving or display.

Our Story:

Our youngest child was born in 2001, and within 3 months he started showing the symptoms of what we would later learn was severe eczema. He would literally scratch himself until his skin broke open and bled. His scratching would leave huge open gashes on his skin. His pediatrician tried several prescriptions, and nothing helped. He then referred us to a pediatric dermatologist. With anitbiotics and topical steroids we were able to keep his eczema under control, until he reached about 3 years of age.

At about 2 years old, our son also developed asthma. This is very common in children who suffer from eczema, although it isn't exactly understood. His pediatrician suggested that we have allergy testing for our child. It was a terrible experience, but we learned a lot. Our son is basically allergic to almost everything. He tested "off the charts" to all environmental allergens, as well as almost everything on the dietary chart. We were shocked! Almost everything we had given him to eat, or provided for him was causing his discomfort. We had to make some serious changes in our home.

At one point our pediatrician advised that we not use soap on our son regularly. When necessary, he suggested that we use a VERY mild soap with no dye or fragrance. But the most mild commercial soap still aggravated his condition. It was then that a friend suggested I try a homemade all natural soap. It was so mild and gentle that our whole family soon fell in love with it. I still had a difficult time finding an all natural bar, with no fragrance or dye. It was then that my husband suggested I try making my own soap - after all, I was crafty.

My husband actually pitched in quite a bit and our soapmaking resulted in a 50/50 effort. After all, he loved the homemade soap as much as the rest of us. Our first batch of soap was NOT what we were used to. It took quite a bit of research, and trial and error before we developed a really good recipe and method. We spent hours reading and researching each ingredient and instrument that we use to craft our soap. All of our 100% natural soaps are gentle enough for our son and his severe allergies.

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