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Doesn't it seem that just about every food we enjoy causes cancer or will kill us in some other way? So isn't it pleasing that, for once, scientists have found that something we all like is actually good for us! Honey, for example, has been proven to be beneficial in many ways and even in large quantities. So you can imagine my delight, as I am a great fan of honey and would eat it in great quantities whether it was good for me or not.

Yet in this modern society we seem to find ourselves faced with new threats that test our faith in modern medicine. For example, we have super bugs from the over prescription of antibiotics, the return of diseases once thought to be conquered, and lifestyle diseases from our modern day excesses.

We have drugs that make us thin, drugs to make us erect, and drugs to prevent depression, yet there are still many ailments for which scientists have no cure. Encouraged by our reliance on 'Silver Bullet' cures, scientists continued to design new and better drugs. Yet we are also faced with the specter of resistant bacteria strains as a result of genetically modified foods and crops.

Faced with these threats and uncertainties people are putting more faith in age-old remedies and health treatments based on nature's design. Now more than ever we are beginning to recognize the benefits of natural products.

But this is not new; indeed our forebearers knew many of these benefits hundreds of years before us. Recent research, however, has given a new validity to what many of us already know.

That is, natural products are beneficial as preventative health supplements to promote all-around well being and physical vigor, and they possess properties that make them effective natural remedies.

At Wilderness Fresh we believe that Mother Nature has it right, and that's why we specialize in only natural products that are carefully prepared with minimal intervention from man.

We hope you find something in our store that will bring enjoyment to you and your body.


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