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General Disclaimer

Diagnosis and Treatment:
For diagnosis and treatment see your doctor!
Certain afflictions and diseases are life threatening if improperly diagnosed or treated.
All information included in this web page and all other pages are only for reference and education.
Herbs, like drugs and food, may cause allergic reactions, other side-effects, or serious harm.
Our web pages, like our software programs, are for educational purposes only and
any information it may contain may be based on an unintended error.
Even so we believe that the information contained in these web pages and also in our software
programs is correct, neither Zentrum Publishing nor any of the Pharmaceutical or Medical Advisors
resume any responsibility for the correctness of any of the information.
Only a licensed physician is qualified to diagnose and prescribe!

Quotations and Reprints:
Any lengthy quotation requires prior, written permission by Zentrum Publishing.
Reprints of certain pages may be obtained by submitting the selected page and
its intended purpose. Such reprints require prior, written permission by Zentrum
Publishing. Use of photos, pictures or graphics require prior written permission.
Any sharing of any information included with any of our software programs is
your responsibility and at your own risk.

This General Disclaimer will be governed by the laws of the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada.
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