Review This Merchant Enter Our Prize Giveaway, a United States company based in Blaine Washington, has warehouse facilities in South Dakota and a satellite office in Vancouver BC, Canada.

In an industry that is commonly lacking in scientific evidence and support for it's claims, we are dedicated to offering the highest quality, evidence-based, supplements to the North American market.

For example, CFU's co-founder Dean was responsible for developing and marketing North America's first "herbal cortisone" in 1997, a product backed by German Monographs and award winning success. Later, but well before it's popular TV appearance, he introduced Coral Calcium to the pharmacy and retail marketplace in Canada with outstanding success - again, the product was backed by third party lab analysis, FDA approved manufacturing facility, and more.

Today CFU offers the most comprehensive, evidence-based website in the supplement industry supporting it's products, TrueBlue™ Coral Calcium, and The Kitchen Sink™ Multi-Vitamin.

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