Relora Stress

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Order Relora® Max online to obtain an exclusive and extremely successful herbal supplement to treat anxiety and stress. Our company aims at offering you the premium quality supplements at prices barely above the manufacturing.

Stage by stage the process of production passes through strict and thorough quality controls by Quality Assurance staff. All raw and packaging materials are purchased only from reputable wholesalers, and then all raw materials are checked for their authenticity and purity. All new labels are checked with the original master label to avoid any confusion. Manufacturing equipment is properly maintained and cleaned to ensure the absence of any contamination. The powder blends are stored in specially designed containers to ensure freshness and to avoid any contamination; the capsules and liquids are stored in specifically designed containers to ensure freshness and to avoid any contamination. All the packages are checked for product integrity.

Upon completion of the process, the final product is also inspected by the Quality Assurance staff for broken tablets, over- filled capsules and any other defective products that are immediately removed from the lot. After that ready products are properly labeled and closed with a tamper proof seal. All our products are stored in a controlled climate environment until final delivery to the customer.

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