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With 35 years experience in natural healing and formulation, no one makes better nutraceutical and botanical products than Dr. Chappell. No one. We guarantee it!

First there was Proxenol, Now we have Proxacine with morinda citrifolia extract, added enzyme protease and other supportative elements. Morinda citrifolia and protease have scientifically been proven to help rejuvenate the cells, glands and organs in human beings, while enhancing the immune system and relieving pain syndromes.

Morinda Citrifolia The juice from the fruit is regarded as having a range of medicinal properties.
DHEA may increase libido and overall sense of well-being.
N-Aceyt-L-Carnitine may improved memory and learning
R-lipoic acid serves to regenerate vitamins C and E, and helps maintain glutathione levels
Humic acid will bind to both positive and negatively charged ions making it the most powerful free-radical scavenger and natural anti-oxidant known.

Dr. James Chappell

Since 1971, Dr James Chappell has been a health researcher and educator specializing in chronic, severe and so-called "terminal" illnesses.

He does not treat "disease," but rather teaches people how to heal themselves using classical, aboriginal, advanced quantum energy and natural healing protocols from around the world.

He is the president of Chappell Consulting Services, founder and formulator of QCI Products®, vice president of Heart to Heart Media/Publishing and former producer/co-host of The Shoong & Chappell Show aired on KTMS radio Santa Barbara, California.

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Put healthy times on YOUR side with Proxacine!

Do you want to help fool father time and look and feel younger once again? You can with Proxacine!

Arm yourself with the Dr. developed formula that gives you the nutritional fire power to help make a difference…..


Make Healthy ChoicesYou owe it to yourself and your love ones to safeguard this precious gift!

That’s why Doctor Chapell created Proxacine. It honestly can help to be the guardian of your health, and fight the aging process on YOUR body! Put healthy times on YOUR side with Proxacine!

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