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Because I couldn’t sleep either!
Hi! I’m Helene Malmsio, a successful entrepreneur, who lives to “play” (translation to you: work) and resent every minute I have to “waste” on sleep in my busy life.

Well, like every one else, I do need sleep. The problem I had was that apart from being a natural “night owl” I also had to keep adjusting my sleep routines rather erratically, depending on what my activities were for the day.

I now have the wonderful luxury of “working from home” as I recently closed my last office site. WONDERFUL! …. except ….that I now have the ultimate temptation of working in my PJ’s and not having to maintain anything even remotely resembling a 9-5 lifestyle.

The solution was to come up with a selection of natural sleep aid strategies and sleep disorder remedies that can be simply and quickly applied, whenever and where ever needed.

Worried about Jet Lag when traveling? Stressing about changing work shifts? Kids not coping with “back to school” time routines?

Well, the answers are here, and they work, I’m testament to that!

So enjoy, and please feel free to send me any natural sleep aid tips or home sleep disorder remedies that you know of.

- Helene Malmsio, your online resource for sleep solutions, brings together practical information developed by leading experts in sleep research and treatment to help you get the quantity and quality of sleep you need. features free text transcripts, articles, e-books and other educational resources that will empower you to make the best possible treatment choices.

As you explore, choose among a wide range of topics, including women and sleep, the elderly and sleep, hormones and sleep, and jet lag, as well as the benefits of keeping a sleep diary and engaging in an ongoing discussion with your doctor.

No matter how mild or how severe the problem, if you have trouble sleeping, Healthy Sleeping is your one-stop online destination on the road to restful, satisfying sleep.

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