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About Us

Since the beginning, we've helped close to a million people worldwide learn how to eat a nutritious diet that includes many of their favorite foods, increase their energy level through simple activity, and build more balance into their lives for optimal weight loss and well being. We make it possible for you to live the healthy, active lifestyle you've always dreamed of.

The hallmark of the Wu-Yi System is our one-on-one attention and individual support. Knowledgeable, caring consultants provide motivation, encouragement and helpful information – either on our 24/7 Live Chat, through our prompt response email support, or over the phone which is available 7 days a week.

To continually evolve our program to best meet our clients' ever-changing needs, Wu-Yi Source has a highly regarded team whose expertise enables us to incorporate the latest research in nutrition, physical activity and behavior change to create effective strategies for long-term weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

Purchase your Wu-Yi System today, and discover how easy it is to achieve your healthy body. Try it and truly enjoy it, or your money back. If you choose it's not for you, just return the empty box for a full refund on the tea (we don’t even have a restocking fee anymore).

Wu-Yi Source, Inc. has been dedicated to bringing Americans and people across the internet a healthy alternative to losing weight since the beginning. With our Wu-Yi Weight Loss System, which includes a healthy diet and exercise guide along with a comprehensive weight loss tips booklet and our Wu-Yi oolong tea, we consider ourselves to be a healthy choice as an effective weight loss aid.

We have offices in Canada and Cyprus, and we use a company in Ontario, California for fulfillment. We have over 100 employees stationed around the globe, all with the common goal of providing our customers with informative weight loss information and advice whenever needed. With all the promises of weight loss without diet or exercise in today’s market, we do our part to help educate the customer that claims of this nature are meant to be attractive offers, but are in no way realistic.

Our system not only provides the health benefits of drinking two cups of our delicious tea per day, but it also focuses on how to gradually and effectively alter ones eating and activity habits to help ensure an effective and sustainable overall weight loss program.

Our customers are given a free trial subscription to the Wu-Yi Weight Loss System, and we make sure that the Terms and Conditions of the free trial and continuity offer are clearly presented in multiple places throughout our site, and an affirmative action confirming that they have been read and understood the terms of the offer must be taken before customers are allowed to place an order with us. This ensures that customers know exactly what we are offering to them before any transaction is complete. Cancellation at anytime is made easy by calling 1-866-449-5567, emailing, or by coming to our website and chatting with a LiveHelp representative, who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for assistance.

Although we have no offices in the United States or officers with American citizenship, it is our primary focus to be educated and comply with all US law and regulations in regards to both our business and advertising practices.

As always, we strive to continue to have no unresolved complaints with the Better Business Bureau, keeping in step with our 100% Satisfaction policy. BBB complaints go overlooked or ignored by many online businesses, but seen by us as a valuable feedback mechanism in our ongoing effort to improve our customers’ experience.

One example has been getting rid of our re-stocking fee. Although it was clearly stated in our website’s affirmative-action-required Terms & Conditions, we still noticed that some customers felt as though it was unfair or not clear enough, thus we stopped charging it.

Another example of how we actively screen through and utilize customer feedback is the fact that we have made it much clearer that the Free Trial customers receive is a full month’s supply with a 14-day free trial period, and not simply a free trial package. In addition, the associated billing and automatic shipment information has also been stated numerous times throughout the final page and in our Terms & Conditions to avoid any confusion or acceptance of misinformed customers.

Included when visitors to our site become our customers:

1. A full month’s supply of Wu-Yi tea with a 14-day trial period.
2. A copy of the Wu-Yi 12 Week Success Guide for proper diet and exercise maintenance.
3. The Incredible Secrets of Wu-Yi and Weight Loss – a booklet containing 49 of our most helpful weight loss tips.
4. 24/7 access to our Wu-Yi support staff for anything they may need.

We also used to offer the LivingLean coaching program along with our Wu-Yi Weight Loss System. Read below if you have been enrolled in the LivingLean coaching program in the past, or would like to learn more about it.
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