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ActiveHerb Technology, Inc. is incorporated with the mission to develop and market the best herbal medicines that are derived from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Chinese people had relied on TCM for their health for thousands of years. Today, TCM remains an integral part of China's health care system. While modern medicines have been largely developed from the herbal medicines in the West, contribution of TCM to modern medicines is noticeably missing. As health care costs are soaring and current new drug development programs are disappointing, we believe that TCM represents an unprecedented opportunity for developing new medicines that can help people live a healthy and active life.

We know how hard a goal is if no one has ever achieved it. Our vision is clear. Our approach is modest. Our years' relentless pursuit has led to the production of two lines of premium herbal medicines marketed under the ActiveHerbTM and Guang Ci Tang® brands. Our products have been selected by over 20 schools of oriental medicines, appreciated by acupuncturists, and widely available in TCM clinics around USA. Our products have helped countless customers achieve their health benefits. We are now a leading provider of premium Chinese medicine in the US.

As an accomplished scientist who has made some significant contributions in biomedical research and whose discoveries are being taught in USA medical schools, I would like to briefly highlight the values we follow in reaching our mission. First, we only make it available the best herbal medicine on the market. Our expertise lets us research critically and identify the truly functional herbs or herbal formulas; Second, we only market herbal medicines that are safe; Third, we insist on high quality production. We source the best quality raw herbal materials and do manufacturing in a GMP compliant facility in USA (ActiveHerb) or a renowned pharmaceutical GMP certified facility in China (Guang Ci Tang). Fourth, we offer the best prices. We are efficient so we have the cost advantage. We are not greedy so the customers get the best deal.

We know we have a long way to go. We thank all the trust and support from our customers and TCM practitioners. As always we work hard for your complete satisfaction. If you are a consumer, you are welcome to shop directly on the current site. If you are a professional in TCM, you may be qualified to be our wholesaler and please visit us at If you would like to explore a business opportunity with us, please contact us at

Good Health to All,

Sheldon Li, Ph. D. (credential)

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