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I have been informed that it is actually the sound track of a 2 hour live lecture Dr Wallach* did in 1993, for Barabara Nicholsen, who invited him to speak to her Soaring Eagle Distributor 'downline'. It is now the 'infamous' Dead Doctors tape.

The 'DDDL' tape was then used to promote Soaring Eagle's "Colloidal Minerals". (Dr Wallach had a financial interest in SE and obviously used to endorse their product.)

What was edited from the Original Tape!

The last sections, either from (1) or (2)
were edited out by some companies.

The editing starts after Dr Wallach* refers to the "Hunza" of Tibet and the "Titicaca" who don't have electricity but they have colloidal minerals.

(1)...Some companies deleted this portion of the tape, where Dr Wallach* talks about the source of the minerals, a mine in the pre-historic valley in Utah that was entombed by a volcanic eruption, seventy-five million years ago. He also refers to 38 grams of the minerals with sixty colloidal minerals in it!
(They obviouly don't want you to hear the SOURCE of the minerals?)

(2)...Some companies deleted this portion of the tape, where he mentions that it is the only nutritional product that has been on the market since 1926 that has a legal consent decree to be sold as a nutritional supplement by the federal court and approval from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It ends with Barbara Nicholsen asking everyone to give Dr Wallach* a "big hand".

There is another 24 minutes to the tape after this section, which is mostly marketing for "Mineral Toddy"

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