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AHD International, LLC a unique team of individuals with extensive experience in all areas of nutritional products industry. Since its inception, AHD International has grown dramatically and continues to increase its global customer base of manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors. We supply the highest quality nutritional products in raw material powders and oils. Our low prices and quick delivery satisfy customers across North America. We specialize in acting as agents for major foreign manufacturers by distributing nutritional ingredients in North America.

You'll find that our sophisticated capabilities of supplying raw materials, ingredients, powders, oils, and natural extracts can give you a strong advantage in the marketplace

We can help you compete more successfully, because we specialize in new and hard-to-find raw materials, up and coming products, and natural materials that are in demand.

Specialized Representatives

Our representatives are knowledgeable, skilled, and customer oriented-enthusiastic reps who know how to resource products. Count on them to search out the best materials, suggest ideas for keeping costs under control, and recommend some of the best testing, processing, and storage facilities for your special requirements.

Quality Standards

We work with some of the finest and most respected independent testing laboratories. And we have our own triple-check system to help ensure that customer products are evaluated for natural purity, consistency, and exceptional quality.

Fast Delivery

You'll find that, on average, we meet or exceed our customer's delivery deadlines 95% of the time. That's critical when you need to get products to the market quickly.

High Customer Satisfaction

Our customer list covers some of the largest most respected companies in the world; as well as numerous, fast growing businesses, that count on AHD month after month. In fact, 80% to 90% of our customers continue to do business with us.

America- Based, World Reach

AHD is not a foreign company; nor are we part of a large, impersonal corporation. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia USA, our representatives travel worldwide to search for the finest raw materials with the highest beneficial characteristics. You'll benefit from our global perspective, our industry contacts, and our full range of service options.

Contact Information:
Phone: (404) 233-4022

Return For Any Reason: No
Return Time Frame: N/A
Restocking Fee: No

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