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Alternative Health Company is a Michigan-based family owned business located in the great city of Sterling Heights which is a suburb outside the city of Detroit. CEO and founder Sotero M. Lopez II has brought 18 years of sales, management and marketing experience to the company. His wife, business partner and CFO April solidifies the company with several years of finance, accounting and law.

"We are committed to excellent health, fantastic service and safe, secure and loyal business with our customers.", Sotero & April Lopez II. When asked how did they get started in this business says Sotero, "It was years ago when my family and I was spending time at the cottage that I was having severe chest pains as I coughed. I had a cold but the congestion and coughing never went away. On the way home I went into the emergency room at the hospital. The doctor said I had pneumonia and diabetes. They gave me anti-biotics for the pneumonia and prescribed medicine for the diabetes. Once I got home I just cried. I could not imagine my wife and three kids being without me. I always knew and believed that poor diets, processed foods, preservative, additives and the like cause our bodies to developed diseases. I was angry about it. I went out and bought the book by Kevin Trudeau 'Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know' and it changed my life."

"The anti-biotics never worked. They gave me stronger ones and it failed. I never took the diabetes medicine because I didn't trust it. They could not figure out why one of my lungs were dark colored on the X-Ray results. They began to wonder if it was cancer. At that point I figured they could not do anything for me because they did not know what to do. I read the natural remedies for diabetes in the book. I also did a colon cleansing and changed my diet to more organic foods. I also took large doses of Coral Calcium. My sugar was 320 at first. I went to the doctor 30 days later and it was 180. The doctor was shocked becuase I refused the medicine. I came back 30 days later and my sugar was 130. She couldn't believe it. 30 days later everything was normal with no medicine. I mailed her information on what I did and never heard from her again. My lungs are healthy also after months of supplementing, larges amounts of Coral Calcium and change of diet. As a result of the right nutrients my body healed itself. This experience led me to helping any and everyone that I can who wants good health for themselves and their families. Good health is priceless. I then started Alternative Health Company."

"We market some of the best products available. Please take a look around and enjoy!"


The Lopez Family

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