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We are customers first and distributors second. For over a year, we consumed these wonderful Rainforest herbs for our own health and wellbeing. We were aware of the business opportunity but didn't do much with it because we already had our hands full with existing ventures. But we believe so much in the products and the larger vision of rainforest renewal that we finally made time to create this website and start letting people in on these amazing herbs. Right at the beginning, we both recognized that Amazon Herb Company's ecological commerce model is what we had been looking for. It fulfills our vision of meaningful and purposeful work that benefits others and helps save the planet as well."

Taraka and Stephanie (Roberts) Serrano are partners in business and marriage. They own Lotus Pond Marketing Inc. and have published and maintain various websites that cater towards health and wellness and personal development. Stephanie is also a writer who has published a series of books on feng shui and home organizing. They both live and work at their home in the beautiful Big Island, Hawaii.

About Amazon Herb Company

The Amazon Herb Company's vision is to offer the world life-changing herbal remedies, economically support indigenous cultures, and preserve the Rainforest.

"My model of ecological business is simply a model of being a good steward to the planet and to the people on the planet. What I find is in economics and in business, wherever you put incentives, it creates positive behavior and it creates positive activity. We all know the Rainforest is being threatened by many different forces that are based on other models of business. There is oil exploration, there is mining, and there is cattle ranching and logging. The beautiful thing about our business, with Amazon Herb Company, is that we've discovered the true treasure of the Amazon. Not only is it a true treasure - it has a significant value in the marketplace. By bringing that value to the marketplace, and exposing it, we are able to turn the tide on where the incentives are. So now the incentives have become one of ecological preservation. In other words, we want to preserve the biggest treasure that's there, these Amazonion botanicals, so that they will be available on an on-going basis over the years. Simply by our providing resources, by paying the Indians a dollar value that's more than logging, more than oil exploration, and with no damaging side effects at all, we have a real solution."

Amazon John Easterling
Founder & CEO, Amazon Herb Company

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