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AmerMed's 150 plus products are unmatched in quality and price saving you up to 80% compared to competitor prices. In fact, you will see some loss leader items that are priced really low. These items are a way for you to experience AmerMed's service and quality for yourself for just a few dollars. We happily boast over a 99% customer satisfaction rate. - Dr. Dennis Elder.

Compare to other brands and save up to 80%!

Why are our prices so low? The question should be - Why are some of our competitor's prices so high? Some of our competitors market their products thru MLM or affiliate schemes that drive prices up drastically. For example: A product that sells for $10 with a 50% commission would make the product's true cost after commission 5 dollars. That means the commission payout alone doubled the product cost. Thats not even taking into consideration the other expenses involved in managing complicated payout programs. Also, when you purchase from the factory, you will always get manufacturer direct prices.

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Phone: (866) 228-3679

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