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Anafit Inc. is a distributor of health and sports supplements in the US and around the world. The products we distribute are uniquely formulated and are not found anywhere else in the marketplace. By focusing on innovation rather than imitation we've earned the reputation of being at the cutting edge if the supplement industry. Our philosophy has always been to invest in the ingredients we use in our products rather than slick marketing campaigns. As a result our unique product line is the fastest growing and most respected line in the supplement industry. With direct distribution in both Europe and the US Anafit supplies five continents with the products we carry at a lower cost to retailers and with speed and efficiency that is unmatched by our competitors.

Since 1999 Anafit Inc has been a proud sponsor of the amateur Fitness, Figure, and Body Building communities. We sponsor amateur shows in many places throughout the US, and contribute regularly to these shows in an effort to support the amateur athletes that use the products we distribute.

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