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A message from Anne-Marie:

My mission is to deliver the Zone technology in an understandable and cost effective format. I aim to make high quality pharmaceutical grade fish oil (tested and certified as to its purity and potency) available to all walks of life at the lowest possible prices.

I have always been involved in fitness and nutrition. In my school age years I was involved in modern jazz and tap dancing. In my high school years I was a cheerleader. For 13 years I taught dance aerobics and for 2 years I taught step aerobics. I also am a life-time member of Weight Watchers and followed the program for more than 10 years. However, I found after the age of 40 that a high carbohydrate diet combined with low protein and minimal fat as recommended by the Canada Food Guide and USDA pyramid were not giving me the results. Also to my horror I realized I had a high cholesterol problem. In May 2000 I discovered the Zone and it has changed my life!

I have been following the Zone lifestyle since May, 2000 and was invited by Sears Labs to attend the first certification course for medical professionals in December, 2001. This course was personally taught by Dr. Sears and I was very honored to attend as I was the only lay person at the course. As a result, I received my Sears/Zone certification in January 2002. I have also been supplementing with pharmaceutical grade fish oil since April, 2001 and have had amazing results with my cholesterol lipids. Please read my testimonials.

I give thanks to Dr. Sears for all his Zone books and continuing research. I would recommend that if you have not already done so to pick up a copy of "A Week in the Zone" and the "Omega Rx Zone, both written by Dr. Sears.

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