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A message from Anthony Balletta,
Chairman of the Board

"In a world where online companies gauge success in terms of clicks, mergers and buyouts ... we are different." We believe our greatest success is the fact that nearly 500,000 customers have placed their trust in Bee-Alive. Every day we thank God for each and every one of them and renew our commitment to meet their individual needs!

"In a world where online startups are now scrambling for 'bricks and mortar' respectability ... we are different." Bee-Alive is a family-owned and operated health products company with a flagship Royal Jelly product. We have had the same mission since we first opened our doors nearly 25 years ago, we care about people and want them to feel their best, naturally. Our corporate headquarters is located in upstate New York, in a hamlet named Valley Cottage. Over the years we have outgrown this original building, and have expanded our operations to also include a full service Distribution Center, totaling over 21,000 square feet of office space.

"In a world where companies go online first and set up customer service as an afterthought ... we are different." From the start of our company, back in 1984, we stressed that it is not the sale but the relationship that counts. That's why our criteria for hiring are so simple and straightforward to be part of our Bee-Alive team, our employees must have a caring heart, great work habits and excellent ethics. No wonder our 175 employees are consistently called "considerate" and even "compassionate" by the people who count the most our customers!

"In a world where companies fail to deliver promptly ... we are different." At our state-of-the-art Distribution Center, we never practice "just-in-time" inventory. Our standard inventory reserve is 8 weeks, so you are never kept waiting for the products you rely upon.

"In a world where privacy and security have become a concern ... we are different." Since 1984, our customers have routinely trusted us with their addresses, phone numbers and credit cards. Now they trust us with their e-mail addresses too. They do so simply because they know that Bee-Alive is an ethical company a company that never "cuts corners" when it comes to its customers' privacy, security and peace of mind.

On behalf of my family and our employees, welcome to Bee-Alive! And, should you find yourself in Valley Cottage, New York, please drop by and see for yourself how differently we do things at Bee-Alive.

Contact Information:
Phone: (800) 692-5445

Return For Any Reason: No
Return Time Frame: N/A
Restocking Fee: No

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