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Bioenergy, Inc. is an integrated biotechnology company with a mission to develop products to improve our daily lives. Our core technology centers on the pentose carbohydrate, ribose, and the dramatic metabolic impact it has on restoring energy. Ribose amplifies the body's natural response to metabolic stress, helping to regenerate energy when tissues are stressed, such as with cardiovascular diseases. Patients afflicted with compromised heart function find that ribose allows them to do more and enjoy a higher quality of life. For healthy people, ribose can also provide needed energy, reflected in less fatigue, greater exercise performance over time, and faster energy recovery following exercise. No other compound plays such an important metabolic role in our body.

Bioenergy, Inc. manufactures and commercializes various ribose-based products that transcend a spectrum from nutraceuticals to medical foods to pharmaceuticals. Our branded nutraceutical and medical food products provide metabolic support to stressed tissue, including hearts and skeletal muscles. Our bioactive ingredient, Bioenergy RIBOSE, is widely used in foods and beverages as an energy enhancing nutraceutical, accelerating energy recovery and decreasing fatigue. The Company's pharmaceutical division centers on the use of ribose in chronic diseases, such as heart disease, and our cutting edge cell technology solutions are designed to improve transfusable blood products.

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