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BioSynergy Health Alternatives was established in 1994 as a means to make available high quality supplements that have the potential to increase quality of life and extend life span. In addition to using only the highest purity raw materials available, BioSynergy sells only those products that have had clinical studies indicating the efficacy of the ingredients. We do not make the full range of dietary supplements instead focusing on introducing only those products that are hard to find and which we are convinced are essential for us to function at our peak potential. Research on cellular health and longevity is the primary focus behind product development.

GMP Certification
Good Manufacturing Practice [CFR title 21, Part 110 (1986)]

With annual GMP Audits conducted by AIB International, BioSynergy's manufacturing facility continued to be in compliance with standardized Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) receiving an "Excellent" rating.

Annual comprehensive third party GMP audits evaluate:

Food and Supplement Safety Program
Maintain an effective food and supplement safety program reducing the potential for product contamination in the plant. This program documents the maintenance and continuous improvement of the required programs for product safety.

Pest Control
Requires using a formalized, written food and supplement adulteration prevention program to conform with consolidated standards. Programs, records, and procedures are followed to prevent product adulteration by pests, pest evidence, or pesticides.

Operational Methods and Personnel Practices
Specific programmed techniques are required to protect food and supplements from adulteration during storage and manufacturing. These programs address receiving and storing raw materials; transferring and handling ingredients; operational appearance; and operational, delivery, and personal practices.

Maintenance for Food and Supplement Safety
Requires the plant to have an established and implemented preventive maintenance program; documented maintenance system; and safety/hygenic design criteria for the building, equipment, and utensils to prevent food contamination from these sources.

Cleaning Practices
Requires scheduled cleaning of the building and grounds, equipment, utensils, and maintenance cleaning associated with electrical mechanical systems.

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