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Biotivia Bioceuticals LLC Company Information
Biotivia was established in 1992 in Vienna Austria as a supplier of natural raw materials and botanicals to the supplement and functional food industries and to researchers and scientific institutions worldwide. The company presently has US offices in New York, Los Angeles, Kansas City and international offices in the UK, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, Xi'an China and Mumbai India.

Biotivia pioneered the science of supplement design and development based upon evidence of efficacy and safety drawn from the company's own studies and trials and in collaboration with world renowned research organizations. The company presently supplies researchers, physicians and scientists employed at Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Georgetown, The Albert Einstein Medical Center, University of Texas, the and many others with research-grade bioceuticals. Transmax is being investigated by several major universities as a possible treatment for a variety of conditions that seriously impair the health of millions of people around the world.

Biotivia is the first supplement manufacturer in the world to apply advanced "Active Packaging" technologies to its products to insure the highest level of freshness and potency even after the container is opened. It is also the first company to dramatically improve the bioavailability of its products, especially its resveratrol and polyphenol-based products. Low bioavailability of many antioxidants is a common problem which the company's scientists have succeeded in overcoming without resorting to synthetic additives or lowering the product dosage.

Biotivia's products are unique in their use of synergistic ingredient formulations which deliver outstanding potency and therefore greater efficacy and a better value to our customers. Bio Quench is an example of how evidence-based design works to increase product strength. The combination of trans-resveratrol and super fruit extracts in Bio Quench has resulted in achieving an ORAC value of over 13,500 units per gram, a new benchmark for super antioxidants.

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