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The Blakoe Ring - Blakoe's cure for impotence

Medical studies show the Blakoe RingTM to be the safest and most effective device ever invented for the improvement of male sexual function (impotency, reduced sex drive), or partial incontinence. With the Blakoe Ring™ your penis can consistently achieve its fullest natural expression.

After helping thousands of men over many years this remarkable registered medical device1 is now available online. The Blakoe RingTM offers a total guaranteed solution for far better value than just a month's supply of many less effective alternative treatments.

One enthusiastic user had been wearing his original Energising Ring for ten years and swore he'd never be without it. We asked him why not? "Because", he said, "it works like magic."

The effect of the ring seems like magic to many users. In earlier times electro-dynamic effects, not then understood, were usually regarded as some kind of magic. Now we know better.

Electro-dynamism and Re-invigoration
Electricity is widely used in medicine in one form or other. It helps body scans, assists bone healing and tissue regeneration and it retrains muscles. It can re-invigorate mind and body as well as stimulating blood circulation; and that is perhaps its most useful function of all.

Stimulation is the way electro-dynamism enables the Blakoe RingTM to work. After numerous improvements in modern technology, materials and manufacture, the Blakoe success story, which has long been 'the best-kept secret for men in the know', continues to grow.

The Mark III Blakoe RingTM clean and clinical in white is even easier to position, wear and maintain. Wearing the energising ring has never been so simple, so effective, or so private. No one need ever know the source of the renewed vigour and vitality of its regular users.

Recent advances in technology have made it possible to construct the precision Mark III Blakoe RingTM in a controlled atmosphere from previously unknown advanced medical-grade materials. But our main achievement is that, despite its previous fame and thousands of users over the past four generations: "it is now even better than it ever was before."

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