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Robert graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a degree in Business Management. While at the University he was a member of the NCAA Division 1AA Football program and actively involved in the weight training system. Besides for being the assistant running coach for the Team VAVi Running Club, he has also run multiple marathons and numerous other local running and biking events. Robert and his wife Cara have also entered the world of Ultra-Marathons, having completed a series of 50k runs during the 2007 season.

Robert recently had a personal best at the 2007 San Jose 1/2 Marathon with a finish time of 1:28 and a 3:18 at the 2007 San Diego Rock 'n' Roll. He also just completed his first 50 mile endurance run at Catalina Island, Avalon Benefit 50 Mile Run, finishing 47 out of 167 (3 out of 8 in his division) with a 9:43:52.

Favorite Bar: Bonk Breaker - Peanut Butter & Jelly
Favorite Drink: Mix 1/2 bottle Xtreme Shock - Grape, 1 serving Amino Vital Pro & 20oz water. Energy and Recovery that tastes great!

Cara graduated from the University of Texas with a major in Journalism and a minor in Business. Cara recently completed her 11th marathon and has also competed in several other local racing events. She is a member of the Team VAVi Running Club and Team Justin.
Cara recently also had a personal best at the latest San Diego Rock N' Roll Marathon, with a finish time of 3:29, which qualified for the Boston Marathon again!

Favorite Bar: PureFit - Almond Crunch
Favorite Drink: Mix 1/5 bottle of Muscle Milk RTD with 8oz skim milk. Recovery and Calcium!

Blake Miller is, well, kind of part of the team. Blake assists with some of the behind the scenes operations, including much of the marketing and identity aspects of the business. He designed the logo along with assisting with this website and all of its related graphics. Blake owns and operates Pro Motion Design - a full service Graphic/Web Design/Marketing business. Not un-familiar with athletics, Blake has always competed and was an All-American Hammer Thrower in College. He still trains today and loves running, the outdoors and is the running coach of the Team Vavi Running Club here in San Diego as well.

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