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CardioTabs® was created in 1999 by the preventive cardiologists at Cardiovascular Consultants, managers of the Mid America Heart Institute of Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City. These physicians were convinced of the health benefits from taking certain nutritional supplements but were not satisfied with the formulations and quality available in the marketplace. They also knew that their patients were faced with a bewildering array of supplement options and wanted to provide them with high quality products meeting the doctors' exacting standards. Thus, they decided to formulate CardioTabs for their patients and anyone else interested in quality supplements designed specifically for cardiovascular health.

Since its inception, CardioTabs has focused on providing consumers with the highest quality dietary supplement products at affordable prices. The company regularly modifies product formulations in response to the most current research on supplements and health. This results in products that are safe and effective.

In accordance with the CardioTabs mission statement, all net proceeds from the sale of CardioTabs are used to support patient education, research, and indigent patient care programs.

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Phone: (800) 811-1007

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