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Natural Health Research Institute has been an international distributor of nutritional products and services since 1990. Our quality products provide the body with nutrients needed for the body to heal itself naturally. Special dietary supplements we distribute support the body to maintain good health and prevent disease.

Our program is about nutritional supplementation, which is vitally important, as the United States Congress passed the "Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA)" recommending nutritional supplements for health in 1994. Dioscovite is a PATENTED and effective oral dietary supplement for sickle cell anemia. It has effective anti-sickling nutrients and the effectiveness of these nutrients have been reported by the United States National Institute of Health (NIH, 1974). Dioscovite is the best sickle cell crisis remedy, as documented by the Annals of Internal Medicine (1932). The effectiveness of Dioscovite has been documented through trial studies, further research, and electron microscopy.

Dioscovite has been registered by the NAFDAC at Lagos for distribution in Nigeria. As the most effective and safe sickle cell remedy in the world, Dioscovite also prevents stroke, painful suffering and the premature death of millions of sickle cell and stroke victims. Urgent distribution of Dioscovite is critical, as sickle cell anemia is an international medical emergency that victimizes hundreds of thousands and paralyzes many with stroke.

Dioscovite is one of such special dietary supplements. We provide a variety of products in addition to Dioscovite. Please see our Catalog for our other products and services.

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