Review This Merchant Enter Our Prize Giveaway is owned by Gina and Bryan Paulhus. The Paulhus family wished to create this website as a way for people to obtain this healthful, immune-boosting tea at a low cost. Because we ship directly to customers, we are able to offer the highest quality, most effective essiac tea at discount prices.

Bryan has fifteen years of experience manufacturing essiac and has recently taken the position of full-time telephone customer service. He has talked extensively with many cancer patients and people with diabetes who use essiac, as well as other individuals who use essiac to improve health.

Gina Paulhus owns a fitness training and healthy lifestyle consulting business and has thoroughly researched essiac tea. She created and authored this website.

How This Website Was Born. Bryan became interested in alternative medicine working with his mother in her alternative health business. He witnessed firsthand many seemingly miraculous recoveries and was impressed. Gina became interested in health and fitness as a way to improve her athletic performance growing up, and eventually turned her passion into a career by launching her own personal training and lifestyle consulting business. Bryan introduced Gina to essiac tea as a general health supplement back when they were dating (they are married now), and she experienced greatly improved health during that time, including the disappearance of her asthma and a huge improvement in her circulation disorder that no doctors had been able to figure out. Gina was so impressed that she began researching essiac tea and became very interested in alternative health.

We Provide The Most Effective Essiac Tea. Our formula is the same formula perfected by Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch. Click here to view our documentation that we have the correct formula. We use only organic herbs from highly reputable herb companies.

We Are Proud That We Can Sell Essiac at Discount Prices Without Compromising Quality. We are able to keep our costs down due to the following strategies:

1. We sell so much essiac that we are able to enjoy volume discounts on herbs from our suppliers.

2. We ship the essiac directly to customers, which drastically cuts our overhead costs.

3. Much of our communication and product orders are done over the internet, which is less expensive.

4. We have perfected our systems for producing essiac in the most cost-effective manner.

5. We are grateful that our business comes largely from word-of-mouth referrals. We do not spend large amounts of money on advertising.

6. We are happy to make a modest but comfortable living. Keeping the price low is in line with our personal values.

We are available by telephone 7 days per week and e-mail 5 days per week. We understand that choosing an alternative treatment can be a confusing proposition and sometimes it seems there are no clear answers. We are here to support you and guide you through your decision so that you can make the best decision for you and your health.

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Phone: (978) 504-9517

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