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We are a small group of inspired people who are passionate about helping people get better sleep. We believe with better sleep we can all enjoy energy, creativity and passion for life everyday! We are dedicated to delivering sleep solutions that are all natural, safe, and effective, and most importantly, deliver a divinely delicious bedtime ritual night after night. We're delighted to be sleeping well again and happily share our extra energy to bring Dreamerz to you!

At Dreamerz, we're committed to leading a business that exudes our values and beliefs and during our busy days and before we drift off to sleep at night, make sure that we're living up to them.

Our Mission
At Dreamerz Foods, our mission is to make healthy sleep a part of everyone's daily wellness. We are committed to providing all natural, effective, delicious products that help people relax and sleep well so that they can look and feel their best each day.

We believe... passionate optimism. The glass is always half full! constant innovation. Yes, let's reinvent the wheel! flexibility. Bend over and touch your toes, you have to be
nimble to win. being good neighbors. To our customers, to our partners, to
our community and to each other. life balance. We all perform better when we balance our
priorities. healthy sleep. It is critical to leading a happy and healthy life.

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Phone: (888) 608-4522

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