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My name is Tom Stem and my wife, Janice is responsible for bringing wheatgrass juice to our family. She became aware of the benefits of wheatgrass juice after a health concern prompted the reading of a book by Eydie Mae Hunsberger titled, "How I Conquered Cancer Naturally".
We really connected with the raw food philosophy of 'body heal thyself' and believe that the best solutions come from the inside out rather than the outside in. Being keen observers over the years, we have watched people use wheatgrass juice for a wide variety of reasons and now, more than ever, believe that the nutrition in wheatgrass can help the body perform at an optimal level.

We started making our own wheatgrass juice over 35 years ago because there was no commercial source available. You soon grow to understand that keeping the juice available on a continuing basis is a 365 day a year job. Initially, we grew with seeds, soil and trays in a small greenhouse. The grass grew well, but we struggled with soil changes and the growth of molds which dramatically changed the nature of the juice. Over time, we learned that wheat grass must be grown outdoors and have now been doing so for many years.

Wheatgrass juice is so difficult to make that even today, 35 years later, it is hardly commercially available. Even if you find it or try to grow it yourself, the quality is usually so poor that it makes it difficult to stick with it. We have solutions to these problems that work. Our interest in the juice has been unwavering over the years and so keen that we have custom designed equipment and re-invented processes. Today we produce outstanding wheatgrass juice and are pleased to make it available to you.

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