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About Xinmabio

Shanghai Xinma Bio-tech Co,Ltd. is Hi&New-Tech Corporation.It is registered in ZhangJiang Hi-Tech Industrial park,Shanghai.Depending abundant particular Chinese resource of plant,Xinmabio research-impolder and produce dedicatedly natural monomeric compounds and standard plant&herbal extracts.Xinmabio was dedicated to furnishing botanical research with related phytochemical products and services.,for example as material of pharmaceutical,natural health products,cosmetic,biological pesticide,feed additive,bio-antibiotic,etc.
Xinmabio have a professional team in research-impolder and market,hold a topping phytochemical center of research and modern factory,provide the services for The new natural compounds filtrate and separate items,Customize for client,industrialize manufacture,etc,Our company hold four patents for separate and drying machine of natural products,successful impolder natural compounds of Resveratrol, Verbascoside, Nomilin ,Limonin, Obacunone ,Chlorogenic Acid ,Huperzine A,etc, and already industrialize manufacture,
“Natural,Health,Future”is our faith. It contain a sincere promises.Xinma personnel provide the Hi-Q products and approving services to clients.

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