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One year from today, every one of us will have a new body! The question arises: What kind of body will it be? Will this new body be weaker or stronger than the body we possess today?

The answer to that question is entirely up to each of us, because as the old cell dies and the new cell replaces, the new cell is totally dependent on the building materials we provide it...the foods we eat, liquids we drink and the air we breathe.
Name: AIM4Health

Contact Information:
Phone: 888-455-5734

8934 N.Fitzgerald Lane, Tucson, AZ 85742-4450

Payment Types Available:
Visa, Master Card, Discover

Shipping Options Available:
USPS, Fedex, 2 Day Air

Return For Any Reason: Yes
Return Time Frame: 30 Day(s)
Restocking Fee: No

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