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Who We Are

We are reNEW YOUth Centers. We are dedicated to providing information, services and products that have proven their effectiveness in combating the aging process.

People today will not accept aging as inevitable and beyond their control. It has been estimated by the McArthur Foundation that 70% of the aging process is controllable - only 30% is stamped in our genetic code.

Medical and natural science has answered that demand by providing plentiful but fragmented resources. Anti-aging Anti-aging Medicine has responded by bringing those resources together.

The mission of reNEW YOUth: To seek out the latest credible information, services and products developed by medical and natural science. We will provide access to those services and products through our web sites and our national network of physicians.

Anti-aging and the use of hormone replacement has been a specialty of medicine since 1999. Anti Aging Centers has been in business since the beginning. You can be assured of our stability and the quality of our medical protocols. We do one thing and we do it very well and that is to help you combat the aging process.

Anti-aging Anti-aging Medicine has a network of Medical Board Certified Doctors in key locations across the United States. Each of our doctors is highly qualified and knowledgeable in the use of the Anti-aging protocol. Each client is assigned a coordinator and a physician to provide and closely monitor your care.

Laboratory testing is conducted by Quest Diagnostics. Quest is the largest lab in the United States and is licensed in all 50 States and Britain. Quest's facility for testing hormones is the best in the world. Quest has hundreds of blood-drawing sites located across the U.S. This makes it very convenient for our client's to have their blood specimens drawn for testing.

Anti-aging has a staff of knowledgeable skilled people to serve your needs. They are available to answer your questions and ensure that services are of the highest quality and well coordinated.

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Phone: (800) 620-9190

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