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To Supply the best herbal remedies, natural vitamins, body alkaline supplements for natural health & healing.

To change peoples perspective about holistic natural living and bring common sense to natural health and natural healing. To offer natural, synthetic free, chemical free, cruelty free health remedies. To donate a portion of our small profits to environmental and animal groups.


Our Philosophy:
To achieve natural living without risking our health, the lives of animals or the earths future.

Projects that we have and are undertaking include going 100% organic supplements, becoming 100% USA Made, being 100% China Free and converting to 100% Alternative Energy.

Example: Instead of relying on "Experts" to extract specific chemical compounds from plants, why not just take the whole plant with its hundreds of chemical compounds that may work together in ways the "Experts" do not yet understand? The reason is the "Experts" make crazy profit margins promoting new magic bullets.


We Donate To Environmental & Animal Right Groups:
A percentage of our profits are donated each year to various environmental, animal and human care organizations. Although not as much as we would like, we hope to sell more natural products which in turn will allow us to contribute more to other groups. Lend a helping hand and donate directly.


We Recycle Where We Can & Will Use Solar Energy Soon:
We use reuse old news paper, boxes and bags for packaging all orders. We use environmentally friendly peanuts (packing foam) although almost twice the price. We are in the process of going solar and hope to reduce our power consumption and contribution to greenhouse gasses even further.


Constantly Striving For An Ideal:
Although all the products supplies are made with no additives, chemicals or animal products. We acknowledge that our packaging is still made out of plastic in some cases. It is our longer term objective to replace all plastic packaging with a suitable light weight environmentally friendly alternatives.


Taking Herbs And Supplements : Time Is Required!
Natural supplements do tend to take a little longer to work. In order to gain the best performance it is important to take the supplements consistently over a period of time. Especially when dealing with ailments that have developed over a period of time. So be patient and consistent. Diet and Lifestyle is an integral part of the healing process. Most of use eat far to many acidic forming foods and not enough alkaline foods for excellent health. Read more about an acidic condition and Alkaline Supplement.


Available At Health Food Stores: products are also available at selected health food stores. Please understand that your local store will not offer the program. But you will save $ 4.95 on shipping. If you would like your local health food store to stock a product for you, ask them to call us for details.. Most stores will stock a product if you undertake to purchase it from them. Or simply order your herbal remedies rom our site.

Contact Information:
Phone: (888) 417-1375

Return For Any Reason: No
Return Time Frame: N/A
Restocking Fee: No

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