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Natural Fruit Enzyme Lozenges

Sinuses and other areas hurt when swollen. Clear-ease helps reduce the swelling naturally, in a convenient dissolvable tablet. Relieves sinus discomfort, nasal and allergy congestion, ear congestion, stuffiness and hoarseness.
Product: Natural Fruit Enzyme Lozenges
Brand: Clear-Ease (More Products)
Size: 60 lozenges
Dosage: Take one lozenge three times daily
Retail: $21.95
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15 Customer Reviews

by sarai

During spring I use this product to prevent myself from suffering the spring allergies. My eyes feel very dry during that season and I sneeze all the time. I started using this product last spring and the effect was amazing.

Great for Allergies and Sinus
by marilyn hicks

I was 22 years old when I first began to have allergic reactions to the pollen, dust and mold. I kept getting a terrible "cold", or so I thought. I felt like I had the flu or something. Finally, my doctor realized that I was getting all the sinus infections and flu like symptoms due to allergies. I have taken so many different things, both prescribed, over the counter and holistic remedies. They all helped in various ways, but, some made me drowsy and interfered with my driving ability while others simply didn't work well enough. Sometimes I was so drowsy, I felt that I may need to pull the car over and wait until I felt better, or I just suffered with the products that simply didn't work and felt really sick.

When I found this product, quite by accident, I thought, okay, here we go again. Well, I was pleasantly surprised that it really did help with a lot of my symptoms and tasted good, too. You don't need water to take them, either. I really like them a lot. They cost more than I would like, but why spend any kind of money on things that either work well and make you feel miserable or don't work very well at all in the first place? I would recommend these to anyone, who would not be in danger of choking on something. They work very well.

Good product
by Amie

This works naturally to relieve your sinus and allergy problems. I am not a big fan of prescription allergy relief. Over the counters generally don't work well for me. They either make me jittery, unreasonable thirsty, or groggy. The side effects outweigh the benefits. I tried this on the advice of a nurse friend. She swears by them for her kids. I liked them and they definitely had an impact on my symptoms. It helped alleviate the runny nose and itchy eyes. It tasted good. It was affordable. If you are looking for a natural way to fight allergy and sinus problems, this is a good option.

Great, Great, Great!
by Frank

I have dealt with allergies for almost my entire life. I have been on and off of all different kinds of prescriptions and herbal remedies and have only found a few that have really had a huge impact on my allergies. "Natural Fruit Enzyme Lozenges" were prescribed to me by my doctor. This, by far, had the most effect on my allergies. It helped me to clear up my sinus passages and helped me lead a better life. Now that this product is able to be bought over the counter, it helps me to have ease of mind that I can go anytime day or night without a prescription and access this great remedy. The only downfall to this product is that it is a little pricy.

by liy

I was given this product when it was prescription only and it was quite expensive, even with insurance. I had very severe allergies which warranted having an EPI pen when it was severe enough to close my windpipe. Also I had a sinus infection continuously for a whole year. After taking this, the drainage subsided and now I only need to take this product in the Spring when everything is blooming. I'm so glad it's over the counter now and the 12 hour formula is available, because the 24 hr was too strong for me. Instead of telling people I have allergies, I now tell them I'm just "Allergy Challenged".^_^

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