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SinuGuard® is an all-herbal formula popular in Europe for supporting the sinus cavities, especially the mucus membranes. SinuGuard contains gentian root, cowslip flowers, European elder flowers, and European vervain - natural ingredients that have stood the test of time for supporting health.
Product: SinuGuard
Brand: Enzymatic Therapy (More Products)
Size: 90 tablets
Dosage: One tablet three times daily
Retail: $11.50
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13 Customer Reviews

by Mena Sekander

Everyone always calls me the "sneezer", except they couldn't do that now! Because I bought Sinuguard! and it works really well, I am definitely re-buying!

SinuGuard works great!
by Leanna

Every year it seems I have a stuffy nose from October to April. This year I decided to try SinuGuard. So far, the results have been amazing! As long as I faithfully use SinuGuard my nose stays clear and it even prevents my headaches. I intend on buying this product again!

by M. DeGilio

This product works wonderfully. If you have a cold, and more specifically, a stuffy nose, this is the product for you. Best on the market for clearing up that stuffy nose.

by Louis Mason

I looked into this product, as my dad has sinus problems and was thinking about getting surgery to help. He decided to give SinuGuard a try, and what a difference it made! No longer does he blow his nose 100 times a day. Highly Recommended! We'll definitely be buying more of this.

by Gary

Sinuguard enables me to breath once again after my nose becomes stuffed from a cold. It cleared all the mucus out and I was able to breath again. I would recommend this to anybody who has a stuffy nose and a cold so they can breath and enjoy life once more.

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1 Customer Opinions

by Vicki

My allergies are horrible this year and this product so far is great. don't have the headaches from sinus pressure.

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