f GNC Bio—Remedy Allergy & Sinus Relief Reviews and Information

Bio—Remedy Allergy & Sinus Relief

For the temporary relief of sinus and allergy symptoms of runny nose, sinus pain and pressure, headache, nasal congestion, sneezing and hay fever.
Product: Bio—Remedy Allergy & Sinus Relief
Brand: GNC (More Products)
Size: 48 tablets
Dosage: Take one tablet every 30 minutes until symptoms improve
Retail: $4.99
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71 Customer Reviews

by Mary Hamilton

I'm on year-round prescription medication for allergy relief, both tablet and nasal spray. But in the spring, there are times when my eyes are so itchy and watery, I want to scratch them out. The ONLY thing I've found that clears them up is this product. It's not enough by itself to allow me to quit taking the prescription meds, but it's the only thing that clears up the eyes. I recommended it to a neighbor who had the same experience I did.

by Andrew

We would love to know why GNC has stopped selling this product, Is it pressure from the the big Pharmaceutical Companies? It seems very unusual that a product that has been helping so many allergy sufferers at an affordable price be suddenly taken from the market so abruptly without an explanation. That was the only medicine I could take without side effects and it works effectively

by Diana Stull

I have had sinus problems for 45 years. This is the only thing that has helped because I can not take a lot of drugs. Please let me know where I can purchase this product again. I really want to feel better again. I have looked every where for them. I always bought 2 or 3 boxes at a time.

by Cynthia Eldredge

I love this product, It helps me with my yardwork (about 12-16 hrs sat-sun) . OTC's help but they make me toxic. This gives me a more natural releif with no side affects. However, the GNC's in my area have just discontinued BIO Remedy. HELP! :)

by Yvette

This product works much better than drug remedies. It does not cause drowsiness or groggy drug feeelings. It was the best solution for my allergies. I am extrememely disappointed that GNC has taken this off the shelf. I will be struggling all season without it.

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1 Customer Opinions

by Melissa

Ever since I started taking Bio remedy, it instantly helped my allergies, I get allergies really bad every year and this is the only thing that relieves those horrible symptoms.

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