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Mannatech’s Manna-C herbal dietary supplement is designed to support your nasal and sinus health by nutritionally supporting your body’s natural ability to regulate histamine—the cause of much nasal and sinus discomfort.

This special formulation delivers an herbal blend that includes lemon verbena, sage, peppermint and other herbs containing additional phytonutrients. Manna-C also contains natural forms of vitamin C from Australian bush plum and acerola, wild fruits that are considered two of nature’s richest sources of this vitamin.

The Ambrotose complex in Manna-C combines saccharides needed for optimal health with an herbal blend that yields natural sources of vitamin C. It also furnishes additional nutrients used to support mast cell function.
Product: Manna-C
Brand: Mannatech (More Products)
Size: 60 capsules
Dosage: Take 2 capsules daily
Retail: $37.33
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7 Customer Reviews

by Shirley A. Young

I am a live-in careprovider for a 38 year old down syndrome man and the Manna-C capsules are a God send. They help him like no other pills that I have come across. He has allergies and is bothered with sinus pain. I can see a relief when he just takes 2 capsules. Keep up the good work.

No more sniffles
by Sue

Whenever I feel a cold coming on I just take this product at night and next day no sign of the sniffles and I feel great. Excellent.

Manna-C worked for me!
by Erica Jane

I took Manna-C and I could immediatly feel the results the same day. I like this product because it doesn't make me drowsy, I got the relief I needed, and the price is resonable for me. The Only thing I don't like about this product is it is hard to find. I will recommend this product to anyone who has servere allergies, and likes to take something natural

All natural and works
by Silvio Chiba

I have some serious allergies. I often buy the newest and latest allergy products that I see on the shelves. This product was no exception. At first I noticed that it had loads of vitamin C which is great for the system. I then was happy to see that it was all organic and natural. I took the recommended 2 pills the first day and I immediately began to feel better. This product does work and it isn't a hassle to take because the dosages are low and the pills are small.

Manna C
by Brenda B

I have to disagree with everyone on this product. I really liked the product, but you have to start taking it when you feel the first sniffle. If you catch it right away it does work But if you let the cold settle in, it does seem to take a little longer than usual to get the product to work. So my suggestion is, if you are going to try this product, start it as soon as you feel like your sinuses are bothering you, and it will work.

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