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Airborne Gummi Lozenges

Airborne Gummi Lozenges help to alleviate minor sore throat pain or irritation. Each lozenge contains a portion of the famous Airborne Formula.
Product: Airborne Gummi Lozenges
Brand: Airborne (More Products)
Size: 18 Lozenges
Dosage: 1 lozenge
Retail: $4.61
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8 Customer Reviews

by Linda Casperson

Is there any place you can buy the Airborne Gummi Lozenges?? I also loved using them. They really help a sore dry throat. If I could buy them, I would stock up.

I like them better than Halls etc.

Housekeeping Supervisor
by Cassandra Ledezma

I Love this product, I wish that I could have bought enough to stock up on like I do tissue, toothpaste and all the other good stuff!!

by Tim Mummert

Airbourne Gummies are so Yummie They help me when I am feeling blue When I take them I feel brand new Now please bring them back so I can buy a pack and Make my throat feel all better if it will help I will write a letter. The best sore throat product I have ever used.

airbourne gummies
by Sprice

I couldn't believe it when I could no longer find these. I just loved them. Could use them and sore throat would be gone. So sorry to see them disappear!!

by Marie

Bring back the gummi Lozenges. I bought all the stores had when they were selling them.

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3 Customer Opinions

Airborne Lozenges
by keno

If I knew the "gummies" were going to be discontinued, I would have bought out whatever I could find...
They were the best product around for relieving sore or scratchy throats, although it took some getting used to the licorice flavored one.
I tried a lot of different throat lozenges and found that they didn't work as well as the "gummies"...
Please bring the "gummies" back so we don't have to buy products that are only half as good...

by lisa

Bring them back! Why did the new owners stop making them? I have been using them for years and swear by them.

gummi lozengezes
by sasha

They work well. I liked the flavor and they were easy to swallow.

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