f Boiron Oscillococcinum Natural Flu Relief Reviews and Information

Oscillococcinum Natural Flu Relief

Quick Dissolving Pellets
Non-Drowsy, No Drug Interactions
Homeopathic Medicine
Safe for the elderly and high risk patients
Safe for use with prescription medication, dietary supplements and herbs
Safe for use by patients in occupations that prohibit the use of traditional OTC flu remedies such as truck drivers, machine operators, pilots.
65 years of use by millions of people in 43 countries
Contains no artificial additives or preservatives
Product: Oscillococcinum Natural Flu Relief
Brand: Boiron (More Products)
Size: 6 single dosage tubes
Dosage: 1 tube every 6 hours up to 3 daily
Retail: $13.39
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63 Customer Reviews

Oscillococcinum is a wonderful medicine for Cold & Flu
by Anwar Riaz

This is my personal experience, I took 3 doses in one day, most of my flu symptoms are gone.

Placebo Effect - READ THE FACTS
by Rvv82


Please choose to read the facts before you invest time, $, and hope into a "homeopathic medicine". There are many out there that actually work & are effective, and ones that are not. This contains 1/200 parts duck liver/heart, and the rest sugar water. The price is outrageous and the company/health food stores are making bank from it. I'm not bashing, but facts are facts and I thought I'd share my view. Apparently the placebo effect is working great w/this one.

Great stuff!
by Megan

I bought this stuff earlier today after I got tired of feeling like I'd been steamrolled. It worked so well, I was amazed. I'd recommend this to anyone who's feeling down in the dumps and sickly, it helps you feel better much faster!

by Pam

Got this for my husband for his seasonal allergies and seems to be working wonderfully.

Really Works!
by Jennalea

I have been using this for a couple of years after someone told me about how well it works I had to run out and try it the first time I got sick and by golly it worked so good. Can't go without it.

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3 Customer Opinions

Sr Staff/ Manager
by Michele Rea RN

I was able to sample this product in our clinic after perscribing it to a few patients. We had good feedback, and great success with both the childrens & adult dosages.

Michele Rea RN Sr Staff

by Anthony Perzel

I've been taking this homeopathic remedy for several years and it has worked each and every time.
My feeling is that some people take it too long after the symptoms appear. By then the virus is doing its thing and its more difficult to stop it.
As for the Wikepedia article. I have only one question. If it doesn't work why has it been on the market for 65 years?
At least no one is suing homepathic companies as far as I know, as they are pharmaceuticals for touting their drugs even though their own studies in some cases for some products indicate the possibility of adverse effects and even death!
Who do you trust? And without an understanding of the efficacy of homeopathy, how can mainstream medicine pass judgement based on a small sampling? Who reads Paracelsus these days, even though he is known as the father of modern medicine? He was also a great believer in homeopathic treatments.
Isn't time that we all grow up and be honest with each other and develop what is best for the healing of those that are ill, without alternative motives.. like profit?
I recently went to a dermatologist for a skin problem.
After three tubes of a cream (each progressively stronger) that he wrote a prescription for at $45.00 per tube without any change in my condition, I reverted to a $12.00 tube of Homeopathic Calendula. the problem disappeared almost overnight. So who should I trust?
Be well.

Civil Servant
by Elizabeth

So yesterday I started getting flu like symptoms - feverish, soar throat, coughing, overall body aches and sickness. I woke up and started feeling worse but came to work anyway and a co-worker told me about oscillococinum and gave me two doses to take - the first immediately and the second 6 hours later. I noticed between an hour and two hours after taking the first dose that my throat stopped hurting and all my symptoms were slowly going away. I cant believe it. Honestly, no other remedies have worked for me. Zicam especially never worked.

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