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Air-Power® contains the active ingredient glycerol guaiacolate, in a base of herbs and other ingredients. This formula helps remove excess mucus and phlegm from the respiratory airways due to bronchial irritations.
Product: Air-Power®
Brand: Enzymatic Therapy (More Products)
Size: 100 Tablets
Dosage: 1-2 tablets 2-3 times daily
Retail: $15.50
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8 Customer Reviews

Air-Power Works
by Ali

I suffer from Chronic Bronchitis. I am always looking for medicine/herbs to use that will help prevent the symptoms resulting from cough/colds. I felt my chest getting tight and stuffiness and tried this. After a few days, the symptoms went away! I am definitely going to try this again.

Air-Power helps you get by
by George

I took this product several times last winter while I was fighting off colds. Within about a day I started feeling better. My lungs and air passages started to clear up, I was able to breathe better and sleep comfortably. For the price, this product is worth it for when you need to clear up your airways.

Great Product!
by Mike

I was not sure about this at first. My friend told me it had worked for him. I gave it a shot and man did it work. I'm so happy that such a little tablet can give me so much relief! Great product hands down!

What, a unknown product worked?
by Jennifer

At first I was a little weary about trying this product because it wasn't very well known. I eventually changed my mind. I was very sick with congestion, and couldn't hardly sleep, this product was so helpful in clearing my air passages, and allowing me to breathe better. I loved it.

by Frank

I purchased this product back in December when I had a really bad upper respiratory infection with a lot of phlegm. It was so bad and hard to breathe. I turned to air-power, which was supposed to help remove excess mucus and phlegm from my air- way, but it never really helped. It was dreadful and hard to breathe, and always felt like I just couldn't get the mucus out unless I coughed really hard. These tablets did not help me at all and I would not recommeded these if you have a mucus problem! Horrible hands down product!

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