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Eucalyptus Natural

Our natural Cough&Cold rubs contain the medicinal properties of menthol from the peppermint leaf and camphor from the evergreen tree for temporary relief from coughing associated with the common cold. A fragrant, non-greasy alternative to conventional vapor rubs. Available in Eucalyptus fragrance.

Product: Eucalyptus Natural
Brand: Tom's of Maine (More Products)
Size: 3.3 ounces
Dosage: Apply as needed
Retail: $11.49
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43 Customer Reviews

ahh what a relief
by stella

This is a product that is a must have for people with a chest / nasal cold. This works wonderful in clearing you up. You are not as stuffy which is a great importance when you have a cold and barely able to breath.
I like how the formula is not as pricey as other products and also has a nice feel that does not leave a sticky oily residue. The product is made from Tom's which is a natural product. I like how there isn't a ton of chemicals in it like other brands.
I definitely recommend this to others.

Sinus Relief
by A G

This is a great product. It is clean, pure and unadulterated with other oils or additives. I use it for upper respiratory congestion or sinus infections. I have successfully treated myself of stubborn sinus infections with rubs on the chest. Breathing the vapors cleared my sinus problems up instantly. I feel healthy and revived now that I use this. I recommend it to all my family, friends, and co-workers.

Good for Price
by Joseph Thomas

When I got sick last week I used this. It instantly cleared my nasal passages, and I no longer felt congested. In the past I've used other more expensive cold medications. This worked well for the price I was paying for it. My mother suggested I try this one to save some more money. With out a doubt Eucalyptus Natural is great but if you want to get over your cold/flu quicker go with a higher end product.

Best Product!
by william

I love this product! It is all natural eucalyptus that helps to relieve the scratching and rawness of a sore throat. After trying this, I threw away my Vicks. Wow! This works immediately and isn't greasy or too smelly. This really has done the trick. It pulled out the cold and made it so much easier to live!

Works fantastic
by Barb Fleming

This product I give rave reviews on. It alleviates any upper respiratory pain and pressure and any tightness in the chest if one does get bronchitis. It is also great for alleviation of headaches if applied to the trigger points on the neck, face and head. It is a great aromatherapy product without the greasy feeling, a pleasant aroma, and a product so very effective for many things. I use it often. It also helps with trigemnial neuralgia pain if applied to the TMJ joint. Love this product. Eucalyptus Natural is an affordable, versatile and natural product that is greatly benefited from.

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