f Zicam Cold Remedy Rapid Melts Reviews and Information

Cold Remedy Rapid Melts

Reduces duration of the common cold. Reduces severity of cold symptoms: sore throat, stuffy nose, sneezing, coughing, and congestion.

Product: Cold Remedy Rapid Melts
Brand: Zicam (More Products)
Size: 25 tablets
Dosage: Take one tablet at the onset of symptoms
Retail: $9.99
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86 Customer Reviews

Human being
by Susan

I took this medication exactly as instructed and it did absolutely nothing.

Health Department
by Jill Price

You have to take the product at the FIRST SIGN of a cold, Elizabeth. That is a really key part of the directions. I've waited too late and tried taking it a day after I started feeling sick and it didn't work, but when I've taken it right away it works great! You should give it another try next time!

severe allergic reaction
by rose

I took zicam rapidmelts, for 24 hours, after the last dose i developed severe hives, skin burning, tongue swelled. Smart enough I took benedryl. Called 911 and was administered an epi pen in the hospital and steriods. So how safe is this.I would rather be sick with my cold.

U.S. Army Vet.
by Mike Lopez

I took the "RapidMelts" (total allowed w/ing 24hrs.) of first symptoms, and in less than 12hrs. the burning in my throat, the painful inability to swallow, and the corporal pain all over were gone like taking a magical potion. I feel sorry for all those of you who have experienced differently. Everyone needs to know that only .1% of our DNA is what makes us different. Not all medications will work the same on all of us unless it is custom made using our genetic information and we don't have most of that information yet.

Worked for me
by James

I happened to find this product very effective actually. First thing is that I did not notice any loss of taste/smell, or anything like that. Granted I am younger (19) so the loss of senses might not be as severe for someone of youth. I've used this for several colds now, and each time it works great. Before, when I would get colds they would last at least a week - upwards to two weeks. I took this for the first time last year about 2 days into my cold ( it was nasty and I was desperate for something to work). My cold went away in about 3 days. The bottle "DOES NOT" say it will be gone in 2 days, only that it cuts down the time and symptoms and to "CONTINUE" for 2 days after the cold. I find this product very effect, it cut down the time of a cold in half, and significantly reduced all my symptoms (stuffy nose, sore throat, congestion, coughing). Now I take it the instant I feel a cold coming and the cold is gone in 3 days usually. Other cold medicines that I have tried barely reduce the symptoms, this is the only one that really works for me.

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3 Customer Opinions


I have taken Zicam a couple of times and it has worked very well for me. I started getting sick the day I was going out of town for a weekend two years ago and the symptoms were gone in about two days. I just got another onset of a cold on Tuesday night, went to the drug store on Wednesday morning and bought some more Zicam and took it and by Thursday morning the symptoms are already gone. No reactions whatsoever!

Civil Servant
by Elizabeth

I'm sorry but this stuff did not work for me at all, although I took it after I was already sick and already had been sick for a couple of days. It had no effect on my symptoms, and I followed the directions exactly.

by Cynthia Diaz

I just found this interesting site about health problems and the loss of taste and smell from which some Zicam users have suffered. There is also important safety information here:

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